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Frank Viola's Info
Frank Viola's Info

You can find great articles on this website:

Click here for Frank Viola's ministry website

Here are a few of the articles you will find......

* Rethinking the Five-Fold Ministry

* Casting All Your Care Upon Him

* OpenHeaven Interviews Frank Viola: 11/27/05

* OpenHeaven Interviews Frank Viola: 09/15/05

* The Gainesville Sun Interviews Frank Viola

* Now Concerning a Woman's Role in the Church: An Open Letter

* The Three Gospels

* Will the Emerging Church Fully Emerge?

* Interview with a Modern-Day, Sunday-Morning-Church-Going Christian

* The Pastor: Where Did He Come From?

* Reflections on the Modern House Church Movement

* The Lord Jesus Christ and Authority

* God's View of a Woman

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